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Arrow Mystery Artful Publications Astro Books
Atlas Mystery - All Atomic Books Avon Annual (1-4)
Avon Bedside Novels Avon Book Co. (CUTIES) Avon Book Dividend
Avon Detective Mysteries Avon Fantasy Reader Avon Love Book Monthly
Avon Monthly Novel Avon Romance Novel Avon SF & Fantasy Reader
Avon SF Reader Avon Specials Avon (Jackie Robinson)
Avon Western Novel Avon Western Reader Banner Mysteries
Bard (Dead Giveaway) Bell Novels (Canada) Best Books
Best Detective Novel Best Detective Selection Big Green
Black Cat Detective Black Cat Western Black Knight Mystery
Bleak House Mystery Bobley Books Bonded/Charteris
Bonded Movie Mystery Bonded Mystery Books, Inc.
Broadway Novel Monthly Bronze Books Brussel, J.
Bull's Eye (Canada) Cameo Books Candid Love Novels
Carnival Books Cavalcade Books Century Books
Chartered Books Cosmic Publications Crescent Private Editions
Crime Case Book Magazine Crime Novel Selection Crimes of Love & Passion
Croydon Publishing Dagger House Death House
Dell Told in Pictures Dell Unnumbered - All Dell (Blondie & Dagwood)
Dell (Dick Tracy) Dell (Hopalong Cassidy) Dell (Jungle Belles)
Detective Novel Classic Diamond Library Diversey Love Book
Diversey Romance Novels Diversey Novel Domino Mystery (Canada)
Dorene Publishing Double Action Detective Duchess - All (Canada)
Ecstasy Books Eerie Series Exotic Books
F.E. Howard (Canada) Falcon Books Famous Mystery (Canada)
Femack Books F.J. Low (Jackie Robinson) Fiesta Books
Fighting Western Fingerprint Mystery Five Star Mystery
Gem Books Golden Willow Green Dragon
Green Publishing Griffin Books Guinn Company
Gunfire Western Novel Handy Books (Canada) Hangman's House
Hanro Corporation Hart Books Intimate Novels
Invincible (Australia) Joe Moss Mystery Kirby Books
Leisure Library Lev Gleason Love Romance Series
Lucom, David Magazine Village Merit Books
Murder Mystery Monthly Mystery Novel of Month Mystery Novel Classics
Navy Romances Novels, Inc. Omnibus (Night of Crime)
Original Books Pennant Mystery Phantom Books
Private Editions Prize Love Novels Prize Mystery Novels
Prize SF Novels Prize Western Novels Quarter Books
R.W. Company Rainbow Books Randall Mystery (Canada)
Reader's Choice Library Red Dagger Rex Stout Mystery
Romantic Novels Royal Giants Stallion Books
Star Books Star Novels Stork Books
Streamline (Canada) Superior - All (Canada) Tech Mystery
Tech Romance Tech Western Thriller Novel Classics
Thrilling Books Thrilling Novels Toby Press
Triple Nickel Books Uni-Books Universal Giants
Universal Romance Venus Books Vital Books
Vulcan Books West in Action Western Action Novel
Western Novel of Month Western Novel Classics Yogi Mysteries
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