Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Of Missing Persons by David Goodis

Pocket Books started the mass market paperback phenomenon. They became the first major paperback publisher to distribute mass market paperbacks in the United States. They were started in New York by Robert DeGraff with backing from hardback publisher Simon & Schuster. They began after a small market test distribution of less than two thousand of an unnumbered edition of Pearl Buck's The Good Earth. This proved very successful and they published ten more titles, each having a print run of approximately ten thousand. They placed their logo, Gertrude the Kangaroo, on the front or spine of each book. They covered all genres but specialized in classics, mysteries and westerns.     
Pocket 1-100
Pocket 101-200
Pocket 201-300
Pocket 301-400
Pocket 401-500
Pocket 501-600
Pocket 601-700
Pocket 701-800
Pocket 801-900
Pocket 901-1000
Pocket 1001-1100
Pocket 1101-1200
Pocket 1201-1277
Pocket High Number
Pocket Miscellaneous
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