Dead Yellow Women by Dashiell Hammett

The Boomerang Clue by Agatha Christie

George Delacorte, Jr. and Western Printing jointly published Dell Books beginning in 1943. Their trademark was a keyhole on the front cover and a map on the back cover on most of their early books, beginning with #5. Gerald Gregg was their primary artist on the early editions and Robert Stanley was prolific on their later editions. This first series began with #1 and ran through #1020.     
Dell 1-100
Dell 101-200
Dell 201-300
Dell 301-400
Dell 401-500
Dell 501-600
Dell 601-700
Dell 701-800
Dell 801-900
Dell 901-1020
Dell A Series 110-209
Dell B Series 101-232
Dell D 101-200
Dell D 201-300
Dell D 301-463
Dell F 50-207
Dell First Edition 1-109
Dell High Number
Dell Miscellaneous
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