The Disappearance by Philip Wylie

Hour of Glory by Robert Lund

Cardinal Books began publishing in 1951, an off-shoot of Pocket Books. This line was established so Pocket could market more expensive titles than their own editions. Pricing for Cardinal Books started at 35 cents. Several key titles were published during this run, including a Marilyn Monroe expose and a dust-jacketed book. Other books of interest include many movie-related items. The first 458 numbers began with a 'C-' prefix, while the later series had a 'GC' prefix, which stood for Giant Cardinal, and were priced at 50 cents.     
Cardinal C 1-100
Cardinal C 101-200
Cardinal C 201-300
Cardinal C 301-458
Cardinal GC 1-100
Cardinal GC 101-300
Cardinal GC High Number
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