The Woman Who Rode Away by D. H. Lawrence

The Lost and the Damned by Warren Carrier

Berkley Books were founded by Charles Byrne and Frederick Klein in 1955. Esoteric novels dominated this line and featured excellent cover art by Maguire, Barton and Copeland. This series also contains a number of mysteries, science fiction, western and humor. There were numerous groupings within this series such as the 100 Series, 300 Series, Diamond Series and the G Series.     
Berkley 101-386
Berkley 601-700
Berkley 701-800
Berkley 801-900
Berkley 901-1000
Berkley 1001-1100
Berkley 1101-1200
Berkley 1201-1300
Berkley 1301-1400
Berkley 1401-1500
Berkley 1501-1600
Berkley 1601-1700
Berkley 1701-1800
Berkley 1801-1900
Berkley 1901-2000
Berkley Diamond
Berkley G 1-100
Berkley G 101-200
Berkley G 201-300
Berkley G 401-500
Berkley G 501-600
Berkley High Number
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