The Fox Woman by A. Merritt

An Earth Man on Venus by Ralph M. Farley

Avon Books began publishing in 1941. Their first sixteen books all had Globe Endpapers which designated them as first printings. The first forty-one books published were unnumbered. First printings and reprints can be recognized by the number of books listed on the back cover and inside back cover. The books on the list with a number in parenthesis after the title are later printings.     
Avon 1-100
Avon 101-200
Avon 201-300
Avon 301-400
Avon 401-500
Avon 501-600
Avon 601-700
Avon 701-800
Avon 801-878
Avon G 1001-1150
Avon G 1151-1337
Avon T 51-200
Avon T 201-300
Avon T 301-400
Avon T 401-793
Avon High Number
Avon Miscellaneous
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